Jan 30, 2008

Meeting Niko

Sometimes people do really stupid things when they feel desperate or restless. In this case when I say ‘people’ I mean me … I did something really stupid - I'd like to claim I didn't know what I was doing and say I did not really seeing how dumb until it was too late. . . but I knew better.

Over the past five or six years I have been having fun exploring in the spanking/bdsm lifestyle. I’ve had a safe place to play and people to answer my questions, which provided a bit of a safety net. Over the process of time I’ve become hooked – I love all of the different sensations.
It is difficult to explain - But I always felt that when life was out of balance when I was able to have a moderate to high intensity ‘scene/session’ it would help me get my head on straight again. Occasionally I’d feel a real need for this and when I couldn’t get it met I would feel a little more out of balance. I can’t begin to explain the how and why … except maybe the endorphins help to realign my brain cells – lol… That kind of medicine always seems to set my mind right, at least for a while.

However, over this current year, for one reason or another, it hasn’t worked out for me to be able to get this need met so I started looking around online to see if I could meet someone. I met a man online near the middle of November who said he could help me. We talked online for a week or so … then we talked on the phone a few times and he seemed to be an okay person. At the beginning of December we agreed to meet at a McDonalds halfway between each of our homes.

I arrived a bit before he did so I could watch for him. After he arrived we talked for about 15-20 minutes before he suggested that we go to the motel across the street. He gave me the money to pay for the room and we each drove our cars to the motel.

The part after we got into the motel room starts to get a bit blurry because I was really nervous. We talked a few minutes I think and then he had me over the bed. He started by using a wooden paddle and he was using it extremely hard. I was screaming into a pillow but that didn’t change his approach at all. He may have switch implements but still using wood and he was using it very hard. Although I have been known to have a high tolerance, now wasn’t one of those times. He only stopped when he was ready to stop and not because of any of my screaming or crying ... and no safeword applied to him.

I really, truly just wanted some sort of therapeutic spanking; but what I got was abuse. He left me alone, in pain, and bleeding in some lame motel room.
I haven’t told this story to anyone - until now - by writing it in my blog. I do realize now what a chance I took by doing this and I realize that things could have turned out much worse!! But I was feeling lost and pushed away from my regular group of friends. I definately wasn't being as careful, as I usually would be if I had been in my ‘right mind’ – :(


ZED & ginger said...

First of all, even befoe you got to the part about what happened, I was anticipating it when you said you drove to meet him after only having talked for a very short while, then you went to a motel. gail gail, gail. That's a BIG no-no-no!!! You know that!! Not the first meeting! How many time have you heard, seen written, about this very thing happening?? That any guy who is so eager on that first meeting and not willing to allow space/time to feel safe, is bad news??

You're lucky you didn't end up dead! >:( Someone trusted *really* needs to punish you for this.


~gail said...

Of course I can’t exactly disagree with you ginger - but it seems that I'm fresh out of ‘trusted discipliarians’ :/

Anonymous said...

It's about time I read something negative about Niko. Niko carries a very big following. Many women from Florida and from other places deal with him and to tell you the truth I'm not sure how he does it. He has a network of women that help him meet others. What I find strange about the guy is that he insists that women allow him to videotape them. His excuse being that he has to protect himself against fraudulent claims of abuse. I have heard the same, that he spanks hard and has no respect for a safe word. The question I always wonder is why do the women he meet tolerate his abuse? I've heard that he is a charmer and he charms his way into a woman's heart. However it is he does it. His latest craze is listing in his profile the number of women he has spanked. I think he had on there that he has spanked 60 something ladies and is looking for more. He has expanded his routes. Being a trucker he only used to travel the I-10 corridor Tampa to LA. Now he travels to NY, Arkansas, Mississippi and places like that. Sounds to me like a serious obsession if you ask me. An acquaintance of mine mentioned that he heard Nikos name mentioned in regards to a Gentleman's club and I have to wonder if some of the women that he meets aren't women that work at those Gentleman's establishments. Maybe that's how he meets so many women.

brownie815 said...

thank you gail for your blog and thank you everyone else for your comments. i too met Niko online recently - the same site where he lists the bottoms in numerical order - and began chatting with him. we have (had?) plans to meet & be spanked at the end of next week. i couldnt put my finger on it, but something just didnt feel right...now i know that my instincts were correct. i'm not going to talk to him anymore, and definitely not going to meet him next week. thank you everyone for saving me from a potentially dangerous situation!

~gail said...


You have your own opinions, of course. I've only written about my personal experience. The other commenters also wrote only about their experiences.

~Best of luck to you

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm so glad that I did a google search and read this. I too, was talking to Niko about a possible spanking, but everything about the whole meeting seemed to be very rushed. We hadn't talked on the phone or skype or anything of that nature. He just wanted to meet at a room someplace. I said that I was uncomfortable about the intensity of his discipline style, but I never received a comment in regard to that. I decided not to go along with the meeting, especially after mentioning some of the arrangements to a friend who was very worried about my safety. Thank goodness for good friends and for you.